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Promotional Package

The promtion package was designend with brand startup in mind. From the fonts, to the colors, to the graphic elements, it was the cohesion and overall image that created the high-energy brand #GoingViral. 

Style Guide

Concerning the design of this brand, the style guide was imperative to pave a clear direction in which #GoingViral could grow. 

style guide.jpg


The newsletter provided a personal way of letting subscribers know how, when and where, they could listen to the podcast, read the blog, visit the website or find #GoingViral on social media. 


Promotional Poster

The poster was designed to put a face to the voice of the host for the podcast, tease guests about who would be on the podcast and provide needed information on how to listen to it. 

poster snap.jpg

Audio Ad

The audio ad was written and recorded to intrigue the listener and prompt them to tune into the show, giving them context and expressing the energy of the podcast through the music. 

Ones to Watch Ep. #1 with Avery Stiber (1).png
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