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Piedmont University:
Mass Communications Senior Capstone


Dr. Dale Van Canfort


Creating a brand from scratch. The power of project management.



The objectives of this capstone case study were as follows: 

1. Demonstrate my journalism skills through articles, blog posts, and podcasts.

2. Demonstrate and expand my skills in advertising through strategy and content creation.

3. Enhance my editing skills in Audacity and Sony SoundForge. 


The technologies used to accomplish the objectives were as follows: 

1. Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.

2. Wix for website creation.

3. Canva for promotional design elements.

4. Audacity for audio recording and editing.

5. Sony SoundForge for editing the radio ad. 

The Deliverables

The Promotional Package

Deliverable 2, a promotional package, consists of a promotional poster, audio ad, newsletter, content calendar, style guide, and the maintenance of three social media accounts (Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram) to develop conversations on social media, allowing the consumers to contribute information to the project and provide input on other content.

The deliverables were selected and designed to utilize the technologies in order to reach the desired objectives. 

They are as follows: 

The Research Paper

Intrigued by TikTok's @hannahschlenker, who helped aerie sell out of their crossover leggins six times, this research paper explored the facets of TikTok and advertising to determine, "Why products trending on TikTok sell better than those advertisied on TikTok?"  The paper, titled "TikTok Product Trends: Upsetting the Paid Advertising Market" is on the #GoingViral website.

The Articles

Deliverable 3, is a column of seven articles for The Roar. Titled, "TikTok Under Review," these articles were published on The Roar website and provide context and understanding for viewers that might not fit into the standard demographic of TikTok.

The Website

Deliverable 4, the capstone website, housed the podcast and blog "#GoingViral" together. As the primary location for the majority of the capstone project, it was imperative that the #GoingViral website followed the same design characteristics as the style guide depicted in order to remain cohesive. The Deliverable 4 Website is at the link below, 

The Blog

Deliverable 5, the #GoingViral blog is a collection of 12 blog posts that were uploaded to the website weekly, along similar topic lines as the podcast. The blog provided a more relatable perspective inspired by that week's guest.

The Podcast

Deliverable 6, the weekly 18-20-minute podcast, titled #GoingViral, tells the stories of 12 different TikTok-ers and the context surrounding their circumstances. Thus, breaking down what they did or did not do eventually led them to success or something less than on TikTok. All episodes are available here.

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