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From yearbooks, to newspapers and magazines, it is the accumulation of quality content from each staff member privy to their position that makes the product - despite the different roles. I was recently the Editor-in-Chief for The Roar. In order to sustain a current time and a young adult audience, which has been restructured from the traditional newspaper to a seasonal magazine and daily digital content. Having worked up the chain of command from staff writer to EIC, I have also been named design and arts and entertainment editor. 


My passion for communications began in yearbook throughout high school, I climbed the ladder there as well. Beginning as a staffer, getting promoted to photo editor and then section editor, encouraged my involvement with the Piedmont University yearbook.


This past summer, I had the opportunity to work with Brio Academy (a pre-launch, entrepreneur, online school) targeted toward those that have always been held back from becoming a business owner due to a lack of know-how. For Brio, I helped curate content according to the experts guide to form a curriculum.

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Furthering my drive and passion in the communications field, my college experience, challenges, and classes have pushed me to be more adept in facing and overcoming whatever crises are thrown my way. Taking pride in my work, I am detail-oriented and enjoy seeing projects come to fruition - beginning in the brainstorming stage. I have worked on many publications where the aggregate means more than the simple sum of its parts.

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